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GCSE Design & Technology ​​​​​​​

Curriculum Delivery Map – GCSE Design & Technology


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 10 

Autumn 1

Materials and their working properties

CGP Paper, board and timber

GCSEPod Paper and Boards (892785)

CGP Metals, alloys and polymers

Plickers Physical/Mechanical Properties

Mechanical devices Systems approach

CGP Mechanical/electronic systems

GCSEPod Mechanisms (905680) Systems (910614)

CGP Textiles

GCSEPod Textiles (910625)

Autumn 2

Ecological and social footprint

CGP Production Systems (pgs. 4-6)

GCSEPod Production techniques / systems (910632)

CGP Product sustainability

Skills: CAD and design for manufacture

Energy Generation and Storage

CGP Products in society

GCSEPod Energy generation & storage (903283)

CGP Powering systems

Skills: Manufacture or Prototyping

 Internal practise paper (1 lesson focussing on material sources, processing and properties)

Spring 1

Sources and origins of materials

CGP Production of Materials

GCSEPod Work of others: Apple, Braun and Dyson

CGP Working with paper and board

GCSEPod Work of others: Alessi, Sotssas and Rossi

Selecting materials and components

CGP Printing techniques

GCSEPod Work of others: McQueen, Quant, Chanel ...

CGP Uses of woods, metal and polymers

GCSEPod Work of others: Gap, Primark and Zara

Spring 2

Using and working with materials

CGP Shaping materials - hand tools

GCSEPod Work of others: Beck and Issigonis

CGP Shaping materials - power/machine tools

GCSEPod Work of others: Breuer and Rietveld

Stock forms, type and sizes

CGP Moulding and jointing

GCSEPod Work of others: Morris and Mackintosh

CGP Looking at the work of designers

GCSEPod Work of others: Stark and Foster

  Internal practise paper (Half a GCSE paper - executed in 2 lessons)

Summer 1



GCSEPod Investigation, primary and secondary

NEA Identify design possibilities

CGP Market research

NEA User profiling

Writing design briefs

CGP Design briefs and specifications

NEA Visits and interviews

GCSEPod Communication of design ideas

NEA Competitor analysis

Summer 2

Design Thinking

(theory and practise)

CGP Product analysis

NEA Product analysis

GCSEPod Design Strategies

NEA Technological research

Product design specification

CGP Drawing techniques

NEA User trips, ergonomics and anthropometrics


NEA Product design specifications

  Year 10 exam (90 minute paper - June)


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 11

Autumn 1

Links to Maths and Science

CGP Using Materials Efficiently

NEA Design strategies

PAST PAPER Numeracy exercises

NEA Societal impact

Communication of design Ideas

CGP Drawing Techniques (Pgs. 101-104)

NEA Initial ideas / Scratch modelling

PAST PAPER Graphics exercises

NEA Evaluation of ideas

Autumn 2


Core technical principles

GCSEPod Developments in new materials

NEA Design development

CGP Developments in new materials

NEA Communication techniques

CGP Review (pgs4-31)

NEA Planning for manufacture

 GCSE Mock examination (Full GCSE paper - November)

Spring 1


Specialist technical principles

CGP Forces and Stresses

NEA Testing / Refer for specification

CGP Scales of Production

NEA Ongoing research and development

CGP Electronics/Mechanisms (pgs. 82-88)


Spring 2


Designing and Making principles

CGP Looking at the work of designers

NEA Manufacture, Prototyping or Modelling

CGP Developing prototypes

NEA Assembly, finishing and final QC

CGP Working safely

NEA Analysis and evaluation

 Internal practise paper (Full GCSE paper - executed in 3 sections)

Summer 1

Exam Preparation

CGP Mixed Questions

GCSEPod AQA Style Paper1

Working fast and slow exercises

GCSEPod Cambridge IGCSE Style Paper 1

Right, wrong, right exercises

Plickers Multiple Choice Quiz