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Welcome to the Geography department at Mosslands!

We are looking forward to teaching you next year. Over the next three years you will study some really interesting topics that look at local, national and global geography, some of it might be familiar and some of it will be completely new to you.

The teachers in the Geography department are:

  • Miss Jolly (Subject Lead)
  • Miss Jones (Acting Subject Lead)
  • Mr Lightwing (Head of Grenfell House)
  • Mr Roberts
  • Miss Stewart


Don’t worry about the amount of geography that you have or have not studied in primary school. Some of the boys who join us in year 7 have not studied much before, but as long as you put your best efforts in we are sure you will enjoy your learning experience. We will aim to build on your prior learning and start off with some basic map skills that all great geographers need. We will then move on to look at some exciting new topics.

You will have two geography lessons each week at key stage 3 (years 7 to 9). This will increase to three lessons per week if you choose to study the topic at GCSE (years 10 and 11). The department is located in the D block, which is where most of the humanities lessons are taught.

If you want to have a look at what you will learn at KS3 see the learning journey at the bottom of this page.

We encourage our boys to read widely and do their own independent research, especially as they get older. If you are looking for something to read this summer, why not check out the links below where you can find some transition work.

If you are looking for something to do over the summer holiday, why not use the link below to brush up your geography skills.

We look forward to seeing you soon!