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Hegarty Maths


  • The first time a student logs on to hegartymaths they will need their name and DOB.  They will then need to set their own memorable password. 

  • If they forget their password they can ask their class teacher to re-set it for them.

  • Students will be set between 1 and 3 tasks each week for homework, depending on the length of the tasks.

  • Students should watch the video before attempting the task and make notes.

  • Students can have as many attempts as they want on each task.  Their teacher can see how many attempts they have had and how long they have spent on each task.  They can even see how much of the video they have watched!

  • Students have access to all 925 tasks at all times.  If students want to complete extra work they can ask their teacher which extra tasks would be useful for them to complete or follow the advice below.

  • In addition to the tasks students will get four MemRi tasks each week.  These are quick quizzes on topics they have got right!  MemRi tasks help the students to remember the work they have learnt – they commit the work to their long-term memory so they can concentrate on learning the new maths.

  • Students also have access to Fix up 5 which generates personalised quizzes based on questions students have got wrong so there is plenty of chance for them to work on their weaker areas.