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Information Technology

As Digital Information Technology is an emerging area that the world is constantly developing, with the use of smart technology and ever changing apps.  Our learners need to understand how these user interfaces that we interact with everyday can have both a positive and negative impact on people’s everyday lives and how we need to start generating new interfaces to meet the demands of the ever changing needs of people’s wants and needs.

Mr Inman Subject Lead


Qualification: BTEC Technical Award in Digital Information Technology

QAN Code: 603/2740/6

Level: 1 & 2

Exam Board: Pearson


What you learn about:

You will explore user interface design and development principles, investigate how to use project planning techniques to manage a digital project, discover how to develop and review a digital user interface, explore how data impacts on individuals and organisations, draw conclusions and make recommendations on data intelligence, develop a dashboard using data manipulation tools, explore how modern information technology is evolving, consider legal and ethical issues in data and information sharing and understand what cyber security is and how to safeguard against it.


If you complete this course it will allow you to progress to:

Level 3 qualifications e.g. CTEC Level 3 in IT

Other related academic qualifications.

Employment within the IT industry as many of the tasks you need to complete allow you to develop a range of employability skills.




Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Technical Award in Digital Information Technology is taught over 120 guided learning hours (GLH). It has three components to be completed. You must complete all three components. This BTEC Technical Award in Digital Information Technology has components that are assessed internally and a component that Pearson sets and marks externally.