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Library Sessions

KS3 Library Sessions

Our Year 7, 8 and 9 students have a Library Session in the Library once, every two weeks as part of their timetabled English lessons. 

Each Library Session focuses on a particular theme and, during the first half of the lesson, the Librarian will introduce students to the theme with an explanation, a book reading, whole class discussion or an activity, after which, students are encouraged to explore books centred around this theme. 

During the second half of the lesson, students have 'free reading time' and are encouraged to read any reading materials they wish. This may include; their own reading book, a fiction or non-fiction book from the library, fact book, magazine, e-book or newspaper.  We believe that when a student is given the opportunity to explore a variety of reading texts, they will develop a lifelong love of reading for pleasure.

Starting this year, boys in KS3 will have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills, over the course of one of their academic terms, by engaging in an oracy project.

Here are the Library Session themes for this year: