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Modern Foreign Languages

Bonjour et bienvenue à Mosslands! Hola, ¿qué tal?

A warm welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Mosslands!  We cannot wait to start teaching you next year!  Over the next three years, you will immerse yourself into two new and exciting languages, French and Spanish!  At Mosslands, we believe that speaking another language helps you understand other people and the wider world better. It will also help you understand your own language and make it easier to learn others. With our team of expert teachers, you will learn four key skills in each language: listening, reading, speaking and writing. How exciting! Some of you might already be familiar with French or with Spanish and it might be completely new for some of you, but be assured you will quickly catch up and even learn from each other’s during our interactive lessons.

You will be taught next year by one of the four Modern Foreign Languages teachers at Mosslands (from left to right)

  • Ms R. Liddle (Head of Department)
  • Mr. Wilmin 
  • Ms K. Owens


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Right now, you should not stress about the amount of French or Spanish you have acquired in primary school. Once you have met us and you start speaking your first sentence, the rest will come naturally and you will soon produce full on conversations in French and Spanish.

Our aim is to teach you how to speak and write in a foreign language but we also want to teach you all about the cultures of these two fantastic countries, some of you might want to go and visit in the future. Regardless of your future career, speaking another language will prove more than a valuable skills, it increases your brain capacity, your memory and your prospects in life. To quote the Chinese Proverb: ‘to learn a foreign language is to have one more window from which to look at the world’.

As you get older, you will be encouraged to look at the Culture, Geography and History of France and Spain. On top of learning new phrases and important vocabulary necessary for schoolwork, we hope that you will use that knowledge ‘for real’ at some point in your life. In Mosslands, we teach you a language for life, not just for exams!

For now, why not check out any of the links on the list below; I am sure you will find something you and your family can start practising together this summer.

You will have five MFL lessons (2 French / 2 Spanish / 1 Cultural Interactive lesson with iPads) each fortnight at key stage 3 (years 7 to 9). This will increase to three lessons per week if you choose to study one of these languages at GCSE (years 10 and 11). We are located on the first and ground floor of D block (rooms D01, D02, D11 and D12), next to our good friends from History and Geography as we are all part of the Ebacc Block.

Over the summer holiday, we encourage you to start learning new vocabulary from the websites in the links. If you like a challenge, why not attempt some of the tasks attached. Our team will be more than happy to give you some feedback and even to make a phone call to your parents/carers in September when you pass it on to us!