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All pupils follow a course developing the skills of performing, composing and appraising through integrated topic based programmes of study. Within performance, students are encouraged to bring in and use their own instruments if appropriate. The school has electronic keyboards, a full set of African drums as well as 4 electric guitars 2 drum kits, classroom percussion 5 acoustic guitars used in support of this area. The faculty has a set of 20 laptops and we make full use of these across the Key Stages. This supports the appraising of music and composition elements and forms part of the ICT music delivery. 

Pupils will cover topics such as bridging units (offering composition and appraising tasks) leading to rhythm, melody and structure.  

Musical cycles (including experiences from African, Javanese and Indian music) Dance music from Africa, Jazz improvisation. 

Musical Futures is a new course offering opportunities for individualised learning, where students can choose pop song material to perform in groups and download these to a web site through their class music teacher.