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Online Curriculum

Through our Google for education platform, we can provide an online curriculum for students to enable them to access learning materials and activities used in school.

With Google Classroom, students can join a secure online classroom with access to reading materials, class presentations, worksheets, videos and other supporting material to help them in their learning.

Our online curriculum enables students who may have missed periods of school through absence, as well as those who wish to prepare themselves for assessments and exams, to access the content taught in school.
Note: Where this is not always possible, i.e. in practical subjects, then access to similar material will be provided.

We encourage all students to enrol with their classes each year to support you in your studies. Please use the links to access the Google Classroom class codes.

Year 7 Google Classroom codes

Year 8 Google Classroom codes

Year 9 Google Classroom codes

Year 10 Google Classroom codes

Year 11 Google Classroom codes