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Our recent Ofsted report commented that...

"Pupils told inspectors that they feel safe. Relationships between pupils and teachers are typically positive. Pupils know that there is someone they can speak with if they are worried about something."


Pastoral care at The Mosslands School is provided by a House system which has been in place for over a hundred years. Indeed, many ex-pupils retain affection for the house they belonged to long after leaving the school.  All students are allocated to one of three houses – Faraday, Grenfell and Ruskin- as are all staff in the school, both teaching and non-teaching.

Students are easily identified as belonging to a particular house through the colour of their tie and badge blazer.  This system provides a smaller, more personal unit within the larger school, support and care throughout a student’s education and allows a strong emphasis on behaviour, presentation and academic progress. Each house has a dedicated house team that has its own office where students know they can find support if required. 

"Teachers have raised their expectations of how pupils behave during lessons. Consequently, most pupils behave well in lessons. They listen carefully to teachers’ instructions. Students in the sixth form are positive role models".


The role of House staff is to develop a real partnership between school, student and parents which will allow students to be the very best they can be.  The work of house teams is line-managed by an Assistant Headteacher, ensuring consistency across the Houses. Working alongside the house teams is a dedicated and very experienced and innovative pupil services team who are called on to provide more specialised pastoral care. 

Students in each house meet regularly at their own assemblies and, through the house system, have the opportunity to accept positions of responsibility in the school including participation in the school council and as house monitors.  Students are encouraged to contribute to the wider life of the school and house teams encourage keen inter-house rivalry and competition in a whole host of activities.  Houses also organise fund raising for the school charity Guide Dogs and Ofsted commented that students were “rightly proud of their work to support local and national charities”.


The house system provides students with a real identity within the larger school community and provides opportunities for students of different year groups to mix together.  This allows for younger students to benefit from the experience of older students who are positive role models and they gain in confidence as a result.

We are very proud of our long tradition of using a House system to deliver pastoral care of the highest quality in school. 

                         Faraday                                           Grenfell                                              Ruskin