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Philosophy and Ethics (RE)

The Philosophy and Ethics curriculum aims to provide students with philosophical skills such as understanding the importance of knowledge, critical thinking and appropriate questioning, so that students may approach our curriculum in such a way that allows them to take the most from it. Students learn to ask meaningful questions, evaluate different perspectives, and make reasoned arguments. By studying a variety of religions, as well as motivations for being religious, and a number of profound philosophical questions such as 'Does God exist?', 'Is there life after death?' and 'What is the problem of evil?', students gain a deeper understanding of complex issues in morality, justice, society, and human existence.

RE is a chance in the curriculum to reflect on your beliefs and what is important to you, as well as finding out about the beliefs of other people.

  • We will investigate the difference between knowledge and belief. 
  • What things can you really know for sure?
  • What things do you believe but can’t prove?


We will explore people who have different beliefs to us and the reasons why they hold these beliefs.

We will find out how these beliefs affect the way they live and the choices they make.

Most of the lessons will be based around discussion and debate.  It’s a chance for you to talk about what you believe and to listen to the views of others.

You will be encouraged to be curious about other people, other countries and other ways of looking at things.

We will also explore some really big questions that no other subject is brave enough to tackle. 

Questions such as

  • Who or what is God?
  • Does God exist?
  • What happens when we die?
  • How do we know if something is right or wrong?
  • Is life fair?
  • Why do people go to war?
  • Is it always wrong to kill people?
  • How far should we go to defend our beliefs?
  • Why are people religious?

The knowledge and skills that you develop in RE will help you to connect and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds to you. 

Just as importantly, RE will be a chance for you to reflect on who YOU are, what’s important to you and how you will choose to live your life.

Below are two different activities for you to complete to help prepare for the way we study RE at Mosslands.  I hope you enjoy them!