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Remote Learning

We have set up Google Classrooms for all learners in all year groups. You can find links to year group pages below or you can go to the Students area on the website to view all new class codes.

How will these classrooms support us? 

These classrooms will support students who are absent from school, self-isolating and will also be where we set weekly homework. 


Google Classroom Codes

Click on your year group to find new codes for all of your classes this academic year. If you have joined classes last year these will be archived so you need to join new groups for your subjects this year. 

Year 7       Year 8      Year 9     Year 10     Year 11      Sixth Form

If you are struggling to join classes or need any other help please click on the Google Classroom Help link.

Form Teacher Google Classroom Codes 

Click on the House Office or Year Group Below and Copy and paste the code to join your from group. 


Form Form Teacher Class Code
7F1 Mr Savin qjypiji
7F2 Mr Parsons twg22ut
8F1 Mr Baas 3lglb2a
8F2 Miss Cowen w3iyzns
8F3 Mrs Little swcseqf
9F1 Miss Owen q4jjopz
9F2 Mrs Lea fr2dzsm
9F3 Mr Le Normand yabog74
Year 9 Nuture Mr Wilson d5sv7zm
10F1 Mr Bird gdz2pr5
10F2 Mr Kershaw 35kpmt3
10G1 Mr Farthing 5acqqxr
11F1 Mrs Parkins wdoi4gq
11F2 Miss Stevenson r6iv5ue


Form Form Teacher Class Code
7G1 Mr Passingham 4vcxnck
7G2 Miss McGlone pu5cn5p
7G3 Miss Haddad vsrl44n
8G1 Ms Robbins f74i5jz
8G2 Miss Jones g4rfjj5
9G1 Mr Wilmin 7nlomsf
9G2 Mrs Howley 4fjxxdu
9G3 Miss Liddle hans5o6
Year 9 Nuture Mr Wilson d5sv7zm
10G1 Mr Farthing 5acqqxr
10G2 Mr Walsh upgdcgc
10G3 Miss Carty  
11G1 Mr Bradshaw bldj66e
11G2 Mr Farrell i6odtfx


Form Form Teacher Class Code
7R1 Miss Kirkpatrick bgunykt
7R2 Mr Roberts eugni7c
7R3 Mrs Gladwin qjtuwkq
8R1 Miss Caetano dqdpfdn
8R2 Mr Wooding atr3pyu
8R3 Mr Gouldson ktfx4lk
9R1 Miss McEvoy ioi4apd
9R2 Mr Jones abtejrz
Year 9 Nuture Mr Wilson d5sv7zm
10R1 Mr Egan zxv6rs2
10R2 Mr Fife a77okxp
10R3 Mr Cauldwell pcp5hwv
11R1 Mrs Walsham lhuxua5
11R2 Mrs Perchard kgprz44

Sixth Form 

Form Form Teacher Class Code
L6F Mrs Hardie mrs3spt
L6G Ms Southwood tsu4ew2
L6R Mr Mckune eldcqhm
U6F Mrs Brett & Mr Inman thtxupa
U6G Mr Reed z2vczg6
U6R Miss Beddall ghm3wbz
PSA Mr Power koiz6md