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Course Title

Cambridge Technical in Sport (Level 3) – Certificate/Introductory Diploma

About the course

The Cambridge Technical in Sport is 100% coursework. It provides the opportunity for students who are interested in sport to access UCAS points without sitting an external examination.

The course comprises of:

Four units at AS (Certificate)

  • Unit 1 – Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 2 – Sports Coaching
  • Unit 3 – Current Issues in Sport
  • Unit 4 – The Physiology of Fitness

Three units at A2 (Intro Diploma)

  • Unit 8&9 – Practical Team Sports
  • Unit 11  - Sports Nutrition
  • Unit 17  – Psychology for Sports Performance

How is it assessed

There are no external exams for this Cambridge Technical.

You will be assessed on the assignment work that you undertake throughout each year. This could be in the form of written or practical activities and off site.

What is expected of you

You will need to be hard working, well organised and self-motivated in order to be successful.

What it prepares you for

The Cambridge Technical in Sport has been developed for employment in the active leisure sector.You could pursue a career in coaching or sports leadership or progress to higher education.

Qualification details

  • The Level 3 Certificate achieved at the end of the Lower 6th is equivalent to one AS Level worth up to 70 UCAS points.
  • The Subsidiary Diploma achieved at the end of Upper 6 is equivalent to one A Level worth up to 140 UCAS points.

Entry requirements

You will need to have achieved at least 5 GCSE’s grade C or above.

For more information

For any further questions contact; Mr. M. Wooding / Mr. M. Reed / Mr. N. Shaw