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Uniform & Appearance

Purchase of Uniform:

General items of school uniform such as blazers, trousers, shirts and jumpers are obtainable from most outfitters or department stores. 

Ties and badges are also available for purchase through school via ParentPay. The school badge was redesigned a while ago to include house colours; you should avoid purchasing outdated stock from elsewhere.


School Tie  (£4.50)

Faraday Yellow Stripe  
Grenfell  Red Stripe  
Ruskin  Green Stripe  


Black, single breasted (with badge)

 Badge (£4.50)

School badge in house colours 


Plain: white


Plain: black


Plain: black.  Strong shoes are desirable to protect feet, particularly during practical lessons - see acceptable shoes guidance


Plain: V-neck, charcoal grey or black. No hoodies allowed

Physical Education

For more details on PE Kit, please follow this link... Here

Branded Bag - BG571 (£20.50)

Please order this from Wirral School Uniforms [Faraday - Yellow badge, Grenfell - Red badge, Ruskin - Green badge)

Branded Bag - QX520 (£31) Please order this from Wirral School Uniforms [Faraday - Yellow badge, Grenfell - Red badge, Ruskin - Green badge)


For reasons of safety and security we do not allow the wearing of rings, earrings or other items of jewellery. We do not allow piercings of any sort.


Hairstyles are an issue that sometimes bring us into conflict with parents. We do not allow extreme styling of any kind and ask that hair is not dyed, tinted or permed, is not worn excessively long or short, nor has steps cut into it. If a pupil does have ‘long hair’ it must be tied back. Fashions change and so do the pressures they bring. We look to parents to support our efforts in these matters but in the end the headteacher will be the final arbiter.