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Year 10 

PSHE and Careers Topics


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 10

Autumn 1

Mental Health and Ill Health – Challenging Stigma

Baseline Assessment

Understanding the Causes and Effects of Debt


Autumn 2


RE – Poverty and It’s Sources (Exploitation of the Poor)


RE – Giving Money to the Poor  


RE – Attitude to Wealth (Gambling and Loans)


Autumn 2


Understanding the Risks Associated With Gambling


Spring 1

Evaluating the Social and Emotional Risks of Drug Taking

Baseline Assessment

Managing Change, Grief and Bereavement


Spring 2


Relationships and Families


Summer 1


Challenging Extremism and Radicalisation


Matters of Life and Death


Summer 2

Challenging Relationships and Myths


Personal Safety – Running Lines, County Lines