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Year 10 

Mosslands School English Department

Year Ten Curriculum Map

Year Ten





English Language Paper 1

Assessment Booklet

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

English Language Paper 2

Assessment Booklet

End of Unit Assessment

Language Paper 1

Specimen Materials 2

Brighton Rock

(Literature Paper 1 2017)


Explore how Shakespeare presents ambition in Macbeth.


Language Paper 2

Specimen Materials 2

Glastonbury/ Greenwich Fair


Key Knowledge

Inference and retrieval

Language and effects

Structure and effects


Descriptive writing

Narrative writing

Life in 11th C and Life in 16th C

Divine right of Kings

Witchcraft in 16th Century


Themes of supernatural, betrayal, kingship, bravery, loyalty.


Characterisation/ Plot



Language and effects

Comparing texts

Writing to argue and persuade

Key Vocabulary

Structure - Circular narrative, linear narrative, motif, contrast, repetition, flashback, foreshadowing, shift of perspective, chronological order.

Language – simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, semantic field. 

Tragedy, soliloquy, aside, motif, hamartia, hubris, dramatic irony, iambic pentameter, tragic hero, protagonist, antagonist, foil, usurp, regicide, conscience, symbolism, foreshadowing.

Fact and opinion, point of view, perspective, anecdote, analogy,

indignant tone, assertion, emotive language, humour, satire, pun, facts, data, statistics,

repetition, antithesis. 

Grammar and Writing

Paper 1: Descriptive writing

                Narrative writing 


Literature: Analytical writing

Paper 2: Writing to argue

                Writing to persuade