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Year 10 GCSE Higher

Year 10 GCSE Higher Programme of Study

To help students master topics they have struggled with in class there are three websites which provide worksheets of exam style questions, exemplar or worked solutions (WAGOLLs) and a video guide for explanation.  Further to this, by typing a particular topic into Youtube you can usually find some good ‘how to’ guidance.    all free – no login or registration required.   all free – no login or registration required.


This year all homeworks will be set from Hegarty Maths    Logging on will be explained to students who have failed to complete any tasks set them last year. 


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 10

Autumn 1

Unit 1: Powers and roots

Unit 2: Surds and irrational numbers

Unit 3: Indices

Unit 4: Standard Form

Unit 5: Sequences


Pre Assessments for Units 1 – 5

A1 Post Assessment

Autumn 2

Unit 6: Quadratics

Unit 7: Quadratic Graphs

Unit 8: Algebraic fractions

Unit 9: Simultaneous Equations

Pre Assessments for Units 6 - 9

A2 Post Assessment

Spring 1

Unit 10: Fractions, decimals and percentages review

Unit 11: Percentages

Unit 12: Probability, Sets, Venn and Sample Space diagrams

Pre Assessments for Units 10 - 12

Sp1 Post Assessment

Spring 2

Unit 13: Transformations

Unit 14: Upper and Lower Bounds

Unit 15: 2D shapes including circle geometry

Unit 16: 3D shapes

Unit 17: Volume and surface area

Pre Assessments for Units 13 - 17

Sp2 Post Assessment

Summer 1

Unit 18: Ratio review

Unit 19: Compound Measures and Proportion

Unit 20: Pythagoras’ Theorem (KS3 review)

Unit 21: Similarity and Trigonometry

Unit 22: 3D Triangles

Pre Assessments for Units 18 - 22

Su1 Post Assessment

Summer 2

Unit 23: Average and range (KS3 review)

Unit 24: Data collection and sampling

Unit 25: Presenting data including Scatter graphs

Unit 26: Further Statistical Diagrams

Pre Assessments for Units 23 - 29

Su2 Post Assessment