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Year 10

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 10

Autumn 1

Introduction to GCSE: Dynamism

Figure drawing:




Pencil drawing from sports photographs

Mixed media studies from photographs

Analytical studies from Matisse, Opie and Haring

Drawn and collaged interpretations from Matisse, Opie, Haring

Digital exercise: making a mask

Autumn 2

Dynamic movement:

Shape, pattern, texture and colour and Futurism

Selecting and drawing from shape, pattern, texture and colour sources from Futurist and 20th c Design sources to inform the development of a sports promotion poster.

Exercises that combine materials and use a range of techniques e.g. cross-hatching, sgraffito

Digital exercise: Using sources with a mask

Spring 1

Developing compositional ideas

Revising composition

Producing painted samples

4 x A6 samples (no lettering)

2 x A5 samples  (space for lettering)

Digital exercise: Developing lettering

Spring 2

Investigating typography: hybridising letters from different sources to produce appropriate new designs

Exercises using

Exercises with found lettering

Designing appropriate lettering and completing the above samples

Digital exercise: Developing lettering

Summer 1

Producing an A3 final sample: paint wash and mixed media, showing each element partially completed.

Producing a personal response


Digital exercise: Producing 2 x final pieces: minimal and Futurist

Summer 2

Project 2: Still Life: Drawing techniques

Analytical copies of artists work

Primary source drawing tools, techniques and processes

Digital exercise: Producing 2 x final pieces: minimal and Futurist