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Year 10

Half term

Unit(s) of work

Home study

Autumn 1

Introduction to the course and exploring businesses and successful enterprises


Characteristics of entrepreneurs

  • Look at some local businesses and create a table describing what characteristics they have
  • Using the internet or TV identify different types of entrepreneurs, what similar characteristics do they have?
  • Using a map of the local area and identify and colour code the different types of businesses in the area and try to identify similarities and differences in the businesses and their owners.
  • Create a report describing the skills you feel makes a successful entrepreneur

Autumn 2

How market research helps enterprises meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour 



  • Create a table which shows the different types of primary and secondary research used by businesses
  • Plan a suitable questionnaire that you could use to find out what people would like to see in the area
  • Ask five people to complete your questionnaire and write a paragraph explaining your results.
  • Using excel create charts to present your results professionally.

Business Location

  • Write a page about why you think location is (or isn’t) important to a business
  • Using a map of the local area and identify and colour code the different types of businesses
  • Identify five successful businesses and the sector they belong to. Why is location important for these businesses

Spring 1

Investigate the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise

  • Research a successful local business. Decide what you think has made them successful. Create a spider diagram showing all the points you think helped in their success
  • Try and speak to a local business owner. Decide on 5 suitable questions you could ask them to find out what has made them successful.

Business promotion

  • Make a list of as many different types of promotion you can think of
  • Research business promotional campaigns. Find one, which you think, was successful and explain what you think made it successful.
  • Create a suitable promotion for a product of your choice. Make use of each element of the promotional mix

Spring 2

External Influences on Business

  • List as many different external influences on business that you can find and break your list down by sector (primary, sector and tertiary)
  • Come up with a list of external factors related to Brexit that you think may affect businesses in the UK and explain the reasons why. Do you think Brexit would have the same effect on large businesses as small businesses?
  • Create a questionnaire and ask five local business owners what they feel are the most significant external factors that affect them and their business.  Present your findings as a report

Summer 1

Impact of Local and National Factors on Business

  • Write an explanation of the difference between a local and national factor and give some examples
  • Choose a local business, identify 3 local and 3 national factors on this business and explain the reasons why

Summer 2

Social, Technological, Environmental and Ethical Trends that affect Business

  • Using the Office of National Statistics website look at how the age, gender and employment status of people On the Wirral has changed since 1981
  • Using the McDonalds website identify the environmental strategies they have introduced and explain what impact this has had on the company (make sure you include relevant evidence to support your reasons)
  • Create a revision poster for this topic area