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Year 10 BTEC - Digital Technology

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments




Autumn 1

Component Number 1: Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques


Learning Aim A: Investigate user interface design for individuals and organisations

Assignment 1  The User Interface

Autumn 2

Learning Aim B: Use project planning techniques to plan and design a user interface

Assignment 2  The Project Plan

Spring 1

Learning Aim C: Develop and review a user interface

Assignment 3 Vale Park Information System User Interface

Spring 2

Component Number 2:  Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data


Learning Aim A:  Investigate the role and impact of using data on individuals and organisations

Assignment 1   Data Collection and Analysis

Summer 1

Learning Aim B:  Create a dashboard using data manipulation tools

Assignment 2   The Dashboard

Summer 2

Learning Aim C:  Draw conclusions and review data presentation methods.

Assignment 3   Conclusion and Recommendations Based on the Analysis of the Data