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Year 7 

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit of work

Home Study

Autumn 1

Drama Skills Workshops

  • Create a Character Project.
  • Click on the link to download your project file.

Autumn 2

The Green Children

  • Write a diary entry as your village character: explore how you feel about the problems in the village and who you think is to blame.
  • Design a birds’eye-view map of the village and Sir Richard’s kingdom. Label all buildings and areas clearly,
  • What happened to Sir Richard’s wife? Write a short story about how they met, their life together and why she is no longer around.

Spring 1 and 2

What has happened to Lulu?

  • Design a missing poster to help get information about Lulu’s disappearance.
  • Write a newspaper article on the case; include an interview with a close friend or family member.
  • A letter is found in Lulu’s room which reveals a shocking secret. What did it say? Write the letter.


Summer 1 and 2

Play Script

  • Read the play script “Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations, click on the link here
  • The play is to be performed at a local theatre. Design a poster that will give a sense of what the play is about and draw in an audience.
  • What could Ernie’s next illucination be? Write a play script showing what happened next.






















You will then develop your drama skills toolkit to support your exploration of a range of issues and themes. All the schemes will enable you to further your performance skills, engage your imagination and make you question and explore the world around you.You will begin your exciting, creative and imaginative Drama education with a range of technique workshop lessons. These will provide you with the opportunity to build confidence, establish group work skills and develop your “Drama Skills Toolkit”.  You will be encouraged to perform, create role plays and verbally evaluate the performance work of others. You will explore and develop work from a range of stimulus material: paintings, photographs, historical events, objects and real life stories!

You will be assessed each half term on specific skill development and your contribution to each workshop lesson.