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Year 7

Curriculum Map

Autumn 1

Basic Skills

Baseline Drawing Assessment

Basic Solid Forms

Holding & Applying Pencils

Using Guides

Autumn 2

Basic Skills


3D Hand Drawing

Hole in the Paper: Lettering

Spring 1


Developing Simple Compositions

Spring 2


Using Colour & Texture to Complete a Final Composition

Summer 1


Using Shape to Develop Minimalist Drawings & Produce Digital Work

Summer 2


Composing a Final Cityscape 


A basic skills course will start the year as an attempt to ease the transition from primary to secondary school and to standardise learning. The year will focus on the use of selected visual elements: line, shape and tone. Outcomes for each term will be in the media of painting and drawing, graphics and 3D work. Boys will produce work as a response to landscape, figurative and ethnic termly briefs.