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Year 7

Mosslands School English Department

Year Seven Curriculum Map

Year Seven





Cirque Du Freak

by Darren Shan


A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Poetry Anthology: Childhood

End of Unit Assessment

What type of character is Mr Crepsley?

Is the love potion good or bad?

How does the poet present the father’s feelings towards his son in ‘Nettles’?

Key Knowledge

Genre and Gothic horror conventions


Context: Freak shows, travelling circuses,


Characterisation: Darren Shan, Steve “Leopard” Leonard, Mr Crepsley, Madam Octa


Themes: Loyalty and betrayal

Context: Life in Elizabethan England, Ancient Athens, William Shakespeare.


Plot: The four lovers and the love potion.


The form and conventions of a play.

Poetic forms, poetic devices and techniques. 


Use of language and effects


Structural techniques and effects


Theme of childhood, growing up, role models, relationships, the rights of the child.

Key Vocabulary

Pathetic fallacy, villains and victims, morality, curiosities. 


Soliloquy, severe, conflict, unrequited love, chaos

Anthology, metaphor, stanza, alliteration, maturity, innocence, role model

Grammar and Writing

1)            Gothic Horror Setting

2)            Pathetic Fallacy

3)            Villains

4)            Victims

5)            Plot Twists

6)            Building Tension & Suspense

7)            Supernatural

Using evidence to support points

Punctuating speech

Narrative structures

Creative Writing, poetry, drama scripts, imaginative letters.


Analytical writing about poems, unseen and comparative.