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Year 7

Curriculum Map


Half Term

  Unit Of Work

  Home Study Tasks

  Autumn 1

  Modern Novel Horror Theme
  Focus: Tension and Suspense

  1: Read a horror novel chosen from set
      list provided by your teacher.
  2: Write a review of the novel that you
      have read.

  Autumn 2

  Gothic Horror
  (Pre 1914 Texts)

  Gothic Horror Extended Project
  1: What is Gothic Horror?
  2: Gothic Novels
  3: The Authors
  4: The Characters
  5: Modern Gothic

  Spring 1

  Beowulf Language Study

   (Pre 1914 Text)

  1: Research Beowulf
  2: Kenning  poem.
  3: Write your own Boast.
  4: Description of a monster.
  5: Beowulf’s Obituary.
  6: Anglo Saxon

  Spring 2

  Eye Witness Accounts

  (Non -Fiction) 

  Write your own autobiography.
  1: My Birth and Early Life
  2: First Day at Mosslands
  3: A Day in My Life
  4: My Special Memory
  5:  My Future Plans

Summer 1

 Eye Witness Accounts

  (Non -Fiction)

1/2: Research a natural disaster and write a
       reflective account from the point of view
       of a survivor.

3/4:  Read a newspaper article and transform
        it into a story

5/6: Read a story and transform it into a
       newspaper report

  Summer 2

  Travel and Exploration
  Writing Non-fiction

  1: Create a postcard
  2: Create a leaflet
  3: Describe a new place
  4: Write a travel brochure.
  5: Write a letter describing a visit
  6: Review a place you have visited for trip




There will be one weekly, written homework which is expected to take you 30 minutes to complete.  In addition you are expected to read your ‘Accelerated Reader’ book for at least 20 minutes each evening.