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Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Delivery Map – Mastery In Maths
The following half termly tasks are provided for all students. In addition tasks may be set when appropriate.

Half term

Unit(s) of work       

Homework task

Autumn 1

Solve word problems (add and subtract)

Place value (including decimals)

Add and subtract (including decimals)



Word Problems

Codebreaking - Hard

 Codebreaking - Easier

Autumn 2

Explain and investigate (multiply and divide)

Factors, HCF, multiples, LCM

Multiply and divide (including decimals)

Area of a rectangle and triangle

Calculate the mean

Frogs investigation

Spring 1


Draw, measure and name acute and obtuse angles

Find unknown angles (straight line, at a point, vertically opposite)

Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals

Curve Stitching

Spring 2


Equivalent fraction

Compare and order fractions and decimals

Change mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa

Fraction of a quantity

Multiply and divide fractions

Alton Towers trip

Summer 1

Applications of Algebra

Order of operations


Simplify algebraic expressions

Solve word problems with expressions

Sequences (term to term, not nth term)

Murder mystery

Summer 2

Percentages and Statistics

Construct and interpret statistical diagrams including pie charts

Convert between percentages, vulgar fractions and decimals

Percentage of a quantity

Find the whole, given the part and the percentage


A Grand Bedroom