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Year 7

 Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Disciplinary Knowledge Focus

Year 7

Autumn 1

The Norman Conquest

Did the artist do his homework about the Battle of Hastings?


How did William the Conqueror take control of England?

Cause and consequence

Autumn 2

The Significance of Christianity

Why was Christianity significant in medieval England?


How important was Christian belief for the First Crusaders?


Spring 1

The Rise of Islam and the Islamic Golden Age

Why was the Islamic expansion so successful?

Cause and consequence

How should we remember Harun al-Rashid?


Spring 2

The 14th Century

Did life improve for ordinary people in the 14th century?

Change and continuity

Summer 1

The Tudors and the Reformation

Why did Henry VIII create the Church of England?

Cause and consequence

How did Morebath experience the Reformation?

Change and continuity

Summer 2

The Elizabethan Age

What can we learn from portraits of Queen Elizabeth?

Primary sources

The Mughal Empire

Does Akbar deserve to be known as ‘the Great’?