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Year 7

Mosslands students begin their study of history in 1066 with the Norman Conquest and, over the year, work their way through to the reign of Elizabeth I in the 1500s (with some interesting detours along the way). Our schemes of work have been planned and tailored to lay the groundwork for students' future studies in history, whether to GCSE, A Level, university or beyond. 

Curriculum Map

Half term

Units of Work

Enquiry Questions

Autumn 1

Introduction to History

The Norman Conquest

How did Harold Godwinson really die?

How did William the Conqueror take control of England?

Autumn 2

Medieval Christianity

Why was Christianity so significant in medieval England?

Why was Jerusalem worth dying for?

Spring 1

Islamic Civilisations

Is Tom Holland right about the rise of Islam?

What was the greatest achievement of the 'golden age' of Islam?

Spring 2

Power to the People? How did ordinary people gain power, 1200 - 1500?

How much power did ordinary people gain, 1200 - 1500?

Summer 1

The Tudor Religious Rollercoaster

How did England's religion change, 1509 - 1603?

Summer 2

Elizabethan England

Was Elizabethan England a 'golden age'?