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Year 8 

Mosslands School English Department

Year Eight Curriculum Map

Year Eight





Animal Farm by George Orwell

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Boy Kills Man by Matt Whyman

End of Unit Assessment

How and why does the farm fail in Animal Farm?

How does Shakespeare present Juliet as a tragic hero?

How far do you agree, that guilty characters, are not sufficiently punished, for their actions?

Key Knowledge

Allegory; Orwell’s life and times; the Russian Revolution; recurring imagery, irony and corruption.

The prologue, foreshadowing in Romeo and Juliet, the form of tragedy, the sonnet form.

Life in Medellin Colombia, friendship and loyalty, foreshadowing, characterisation, the narrative form.

Key Vocabulary

Dystopia, Utopia, allegory, tyrant, rebellion, harvest, propaganda, cult of personality, treacherous, authorial intent

Tragic, prologue, sonnet, feud, status quo, obstacle, hyperbole, tragic flaw, exile, foreshadow, catastrophe.

Assassination, Spanish terminology, violence, morality, redemption.

Grammar and Writing

Creative writing: extended metaphor, writing character, describing settings, writing to argue.


Non-Fiction Writing Animal Rights

The language of comparison

The Sonnet form


Comparing scenes

Examples of love

Script Writing

What is a tragic hero?


Creative Writing: Conflict

Narrative Perspective

Dual narrative

In Media Res


Tension and pace

Structuring a sense of fear


Cyclical narrative