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Year 8 

Curriculum Map


Unit of Work

Home study tasks

Autumn 1

Dystopian Narrative 

 1. Research a dystopian novel

 2. Room 101 description

 3. Presentation use of CCTV in schools

 4. Write a dystopian poem

 5. Writing Task 3 chapters

Autumn 2


Modern Novel Holocaust Theme

Inference and Deduction 

 Holocaust Extended Project

 1. What was the Holocaust?

 2. Judaism and Jewish Life

 3. What is anti-Semitism?

 4. Life in Nazi Controlled Europe

 5. What were the camps?

 6. Survival and Legacy

Spring 1

Survival Theme Writing Non Fiction

 1. Read a novel from set list.

 2. Review of the novel you have read.

 3. Research real life survival stories

Spring 2

Detective Fiction  (Pre 1914)

Author Study 4: Arthur Conan Doyle

 1.Research the life of Arthur Conan Doyle and create a timeline

 2. Create an information leaflet on the character Sherlock Holmes.

 3. Write your own detective story

Summer 1

Poetry Through the Ages

 1. Facebook profile page for a character from a poem.

 2. Write your own sonnet

 3. Research another  Elizabethan poet

 4. Write your own poem based on an aspect of nature.

 5. Learn and perform a poem by heart.

Summer 2

The Tempest – Literature Whole Text

 1.Create a map of the island

 2. Write a diary entry for either Caliban or Miranda

 3. Write your own story about a shipwreck

 4.Find out about another Shakespeare play that begins with a shipwreck

 5. Create a mask for a character in the play



There will be one weekly, written homework which is expected to take you 30 minutes to complete.  In addition you are expected to read your ‘Accelerated Reader’ book for at least 20 minutes each evening.