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Year 8 

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments


Autumn 1

Unit 1

1a) Factors Multiples and Primes

1b) Prime Factorisation

Autumn 1 pre-test

Unit 2

2a)  Properties of fractions, equivalent fractions and add and subtract simple fractions

2b) Add and subtract fractions with like and different denominators

2c) Convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. Add and subtract mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Autumn 1 post-test

Autumn 2

Unit 3

3a) Compare and order negative numbers

3b) Add and subtract negative numbers

3c) Multiply and divide negative numbers

Autumn 2  pre-test

Unit 4

4a) Sequences

4b) Algebraic expressions

4c) Linear equations

Autumn 2  post-test

Spring 1

Unit 5

5a) Constructing triangles

5b) Define special quadrilaterals and constructing quadrilaterals

5c) Angles in parallel lines

Spring 1  pre-test

Unit 6

6a) Convert between units and working with area and perimeter

6b) Properties and area of parallelograms and trapezia. Area and perimeter problems

Spring 2  post-test

Spring 2

Unit 7

7a) Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

7b) Percentage Change

7c) Reverse Percentages

Spring 2 pre-test

Unit 8

8a/b) Ratio

8c) Speed, Distance, Time Graphs

Spring 2 post -test

Summer 1

Unit 9 – Accuracy

Summer 1 pre-test

Unit 10

10a) Circumference of a Circle

10b) Area of a Circle

Summer 1 post-test

Summer 2

Unit 11 – 3D shapes and nets

Summer 2 post-test

Unit 12

12a) Volume and Surface Area of Cuboids

12b) Volume and Surface Area of Prisms


Unit 13

13a) Mean, Median, Mode and Range

13b) Collect and Organise Data

13c) Investigation

Summer 2 pre-test