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Year 8 

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Disciplinary Knowledge Focus

Year 8

Autumn 1

Migration to Britain over Time

Who deserves to be known as the first English people?



How have people’s reasons for moving to Britain changed over time?

Change and continuity

Autumn 2

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

What should visitors know about Liverpool’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade?

Cause and consequence


Who or what was the most significant force in the abolition of the slave trade?


Spring 1

Teacher’s Choice SOW



Civil War and Commonwealth

Why do people disagree so much about Oliver Cromwell?


Spring 2

The Development of Democracy

Why do people tell different stories about Britain’s journey to democracy?

Change and continuity / Intepretations

The French Revolution

What can art tell us about the French Revolution?

Primary Sources

Summer 1

The Industrial Revolution

Why does Emma Griffin call the Industrial Revolution “Liberty’s Dawn”?


What can we learn from our local environment about the industrial revolution?

Primary sources

Summer 2

The British Empire in India

Why does it matter what we call the events of 1857 in India?


The Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire – How did the Ottoman Empire become the ‘sick man of Europe’?

Change and continuity