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Year 8

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit of work

Home Study 

Autumn 1

Drawing Assessment

Look up one of the 5 Rs in a dictionary/thesausus. Design a synonym in the style of the word e.g.

Resilient ---   Flexible ------style of font might stretch and bend like a branch or like chewing gum.

Reliable ----letters might be made of bricks

It is just as important to THINK of creative ideas as designing a neat response. This may take up to 2 hours.

Autumn 2

Still Life Development and production of a mixed media final piece

Spring 1

ICT/3D studies:

A development of Still life into 3D forms and digital media

Make a three dimensional response in any material (within reason!) that promotes a school policy, for example, the 5 R’s/KASH.

Spring 2

Summer 1

Typography: An introduction to Graphics.

Students will work manually and digitally to produce sample of new typefaces, their names as a

Brand logo and may use typography to create an abstract design.

What message would you like to promote to your fellow students? Design a graphic response with an accompanying design based on an appropriate personal or social theme e.g. An anti-litter campaign, a Growth Mindset banner.

Summer 2

This developmental year sees a departure from thematic work. The focus for the year builds upon Year 7: composition, colour and surface. Outcomes for each term will be in the media of Painting and Drawing, Graphics and 3D work. Boys will produce work as a response to Architectural, Still Life and Natural/Mechanical termly briefs