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Year 9 

Curriculum Map

Half term

Topic: The Dynamic Body

Home Study

Autumn 1

Study of human proportion with reference to Henri Matisse.

Completion of class exercises: Matisse copies in dry materials

Autumn 2

Extension of study in pencil/paint/mixed media/collage/ICT

Completion of class exercises:

Study of Matisse and other figurative artists:  dry materials studies completed.

Spring 1

Introduction to Futurism: painting/drawing/typography

Completion of class exercises:

Futurism studies in dry materials completed.

Spring 2

Interpretation of Futurism in 3D

Completion of class exercises:

Preliminary construction drawings completed in at least three dry graphic materials.

Summer 1

Outcomes: final collage & ICT (Matisse)

Use of extra-curricular time to complete collage and ICT work.

Summer 2

Outcomes: final sculpture (Futurist) & paint/sprayed stencil

Use of extra-curricular time to complete sculptural and sprayed pieces.

Year 9 seeks to rehearse boys for Art and Design as an option in Key Stage 4.  The use of a sketchbook becomes more important and embedding the skills involved in the design process take priority.  Homework takes become more important this year to inform and personalise lesson activity. Outcomes for each term will be in the media of Painting and Drawing, Graphics and 3D work. Boys will produce work as a response to Portrait, typography and 1960s termly briefs. A selected number of boys will be asked to involve themselves in Primary Liaison in the Summer Term.