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Year 9 

Curriculum Map

Half Term

Unit of Work

Home Study Tasks

Autumn 1

 Modern Novel   Urban Theme

 Focus: Narrative   Perspective

 Urban Theme

 Independent Project

Autumn 2

 Speech and   Situation

 Political Speeches

 Political Speeches Project

 1 Research a Political Leader

 2 Write a short biography of your chosen leader

 3 Explain the political role they played in society

 4 Select a speech and explain its key message

 5 Select a speech and analyse the language features in detail

Spring 1

 Creative Writing   Conflict Unit

 1 Descriptive writing on image

 2 Narrative writing on a poem

 3 Write an anti –war poem

 4 Narrative with the title ‘The Homecoming’

 5 Narrative set in modern times

 6 Narrative with title The Hero

Spring 2

 GCSE Literature   Power and Conflict   Poetry

 1 Remains: research PTSD in war veterans

 2 Poppies: Rewrite this poem as a dramatic monologue from the point of   view of the mother in the poem

 3 Exposure: Write a poem personifying the weather

 4 Bayonet Charge: Research the poet Ted Hughes

 5 Kamikaze: Write a reflective account from the point of view of  
   someone who has survived a war.

 6 Compare how the theme of memory is presented in the poems
   Poppies and Remains

Summer 1

 Classic Study   Literary Heritage

 19th Century Novel

 1 Research author and produce a timeline

 2 Fact File of other novels

 3 Complete two character profiles

 4 Research the Victorian Era

 5 Complete a newspaper article on a key event from your text

 6 Descriptive writing in style of author

Summer 2

 Classic Study   Literary Heritage

 19th Century Novel

 1 Create a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters

 2 Write a scene from the point of view of a minor character

 3 Explode three quotes from the novel (ask your teacher for a sheet)

 4 Practice exam question (ask your teacher for the question)

 5 Practice exam question (ask your teacher for the question)