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Year 9 


Curriculum Map 


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 9

Autumn 1

Rugby – Tackling & Rucking, Lineouts & Mauling, Outwitting Opponent, Scrumming

TRACK Assessment:


  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Assessment
  • Community
  • Knowledge


Reviewed termly.

Handball – Outwitting opponent, Zonal and Man Marking, Defensive and Offensive Positioning, Wrap Tackling

Autumn 2

Basketball – Shooting Choice, Possession, Outwitting opponent, Defensive Plays

Badminton – Recovery shots, Serve choice, Hit long & short, Controlling the T

Spring 1

Football – Marking, Possession, Creating Triangles, Counter Attack

Volleyball –  Serve placement, Libero Positioning Dig, Volley to set up the smash, Blocking

Spring 2

Cricket – Batting choice, Bowling selection, Setting the field,

Athletics – Relay, Middle distance, long distance, Sports day

Summer 1

Hockey – Outwitting opponents, Protecting feet, Tackle selection, Shot selection

Softball – Batting selection, Setting the flied, Getting opponent out (tagging)

Summer 2

Table Tennis – Serve selection, Using spin, Defensive recovery shots, Setting up the smash

Lacrosse - Outwitting opponents, Carrying the ball, Shot selection, Defensive and Offensive Formation