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Year 9

Curriculum Map – Mathematics Mastery


This year all homeworks will be set from Hegarty Maths    Logging on will be explained to students who have failed to complete any tasks set them last year. 

All students will be following the Mathematics Mastery scheme of work.

If students are struggling to master topics they have studied with in class, there are two websites which provide worksheets of exam style questions, exemplar or worked solutions (WAGOLLs) and a video guide for explanation.  Further to this, by typing a particular topic into Youtube you can usually find some good ‘how to’ guidance.   all free – no login or registration required.    all free – no login or registration required.

 Autumn 1

  • Cartesian coordinates including midpoint of a line segment
  • Linear graphs
  • Direct and Inverse proportion
  • Calculate with scales
  • Standard form

 Autumn 2 

  • Sequences including arithmetic and geometric
  • Expand binomials and factorise simple quadratics
  • Change the subject of a familiar formula

 Spring 1

  • Construction and loci
  • Congruence and similarity
  • Pythagoras’ theorem
  • Angles in polygons

 Spring 2

  • Construct and solve equations and inequalities (unknowns on both sides)
  • Graphical solutions to simultaneous linear equations
  • Quadratic and other graphs

 Summer 1

  • Probability
  • Mean of grouped data
  • Compare two data sets
  • Scatter diagrams

 Summer 2

  • Similarity and enlargement
  • Transformations (translation, rotation, reflection)
  • Exploring trigonometry