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Year 9

Curriculum Map – Mathematics Mastery

Year 9

Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Autumn 1 Unit 1: Reverse Percentages  
Unit 2: Ratio Speed, Distance, Time  
Unit 3: Rounding  
Unit 4: Circumference and Area of a Circle Autumn 1 post-test
Autumn 2 Unit 5: 3D shapes, Surface area and volume  
Unit 6: Co-ordinates  
Unit 7: Linera graphs  
Unit 8: Proportion  
Unit 9: Scales and Standard Form Autumn 2 post-test
Spring 1 Unit 10: Linear and Non-linear Sequences  
Unit 11: Expanding and Factorising  
Unit 12: Changing the subject of the formula  
Unit 13: Congruence  
Unit 14: Pythagoras Spring 1 post-test
Spring 2 Unit 14: Pythagoras (continuation)  
Unit 15: Angles in Polygons  
Unit 16: Linear equations and inequalities Spring 2 post-test
Summer 1 Unit 17: Graphs Key Assessments
Unit 18: Probability
Unit 19: Averages
Summer 2 Unit 20: Scatter graphs  
Unit 21: Similarity and enlargement  
Unit 22: Transformations  
Unit 23: Trigonometry Summer 2 post-test


This year all homeworks will be set from Hegarty Maths    Logging on will be explained to students who have failed to complete any tasks set them last year. 

All students will be following the Mathematics Mastery scheme of work.

If students are struggling to master topics they have studied with in class, there are two websites which provide worksheets of exam style questions, exemplar or worked solutions (WAGOLLs) and a video guide for explanation.  Further to this, by typing a particular topic into Youtube you can usually find some good ‘how to’ guidance.   all free – no login or registration required.    all free – no login or registration required.